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Fashion Rings



Characteristics of Fashion Rings

At Wilson and Son, fashion rings are celebrated for their unique characteristics, blending gemstones, detailed metalwork, and sensational designs. These rings are not just accessories; they are visionary expressions of individual style and creativity. Featuring a range of gemstones, each ring tells a different story.  Diamonds often add a flavor of unbridled glamor, making each ring a statement piece. The collection includes everything from sleek bands to extravagant cocktail rings, ensuring a match for every aesthetic. Wilson and Son's fashion rings offer a variety of styles, resonating with diverse tastes and occasions, manifesting both refinement and fashion-forward design.

Popular Jewelry Designers with Fashion Rings

Renowned jewelry designers offered at Wilson and Son are each known for their distinctive styles in fashion rings. Vlora's creations often blend fresh designs with classic elegance. Doves by Doron Paloma is celebrated for its innovative use of color and texture, often featuring unexpected combinations of precious stones in modern settings. Marco Bicego is characterized by his signature hand-engraved textures and organic shapes, creating rings that are both singular and timeless. Armenta stands out with its fusion of old-world charm and modern vision, often featuring oxidized silver and gold with precious stones for a dramatic effect. Roberto Coin, known for their hidden ruby signature in each piece, crafts rings that embody opulence and finesse.

Additionally, Monica Rich Kosann, A. Link, Mastoloni, and Wilson & Son Diamonds and Color each bring unique flair to the world of fashion rings. Monica Rich Kosann specializes in storytelling through jewelry, blending modern sensibilities with a time-honored touch. A. Link is famed for its luxurious designs featuring diamonds. Mastoloni combines exquisite pearls with fine design to create fashion rings that are both cultured and contemporary. Wilson & Son Diamonds and Color, our in-house brand, offers a range of styles from definitive to avant-garde. Each brand stands out with its distinctive approach, delivering a diverse selection of fashion rings.

Explore Fashion Rings a Wilson and Son Jewelers

We invite you to discover an extraordinary array of fashion rings at Wilson and Son Jewelers, your finest in Scarsdale jewelry stores. Each piece of fine jewelry we house is carefully crafted to embody both beauty and quality. We also provide professional jewelry cleaning services, to guarantee that your cherished pieces retain their allure. Additionally, our expertise extends to watch repair, where we handle your timepieces with precision and care. Visit us today and allow our experts to assist you. At Wilson and Son Jewelers, we are committed to offering not just exquisite jewelry, but also exceptional customer experiences.