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About Armenta Women's Jewelry

Proudly featuring the illustrious brand Armenta, Wilson & Son Jewelers cherishes our association with this iconic name in jewelry. Armenta's storied legacy is woven from timeless craftsmanship and a distinct artistic perspective. Their women's line of jewelry beautifully captures intricate detailing and profound designs, drawing inspiration from ancient Spanish artistry. Every piece speaks to the brand's balance of innovation and respect for time-honored traditions. With their signature blend of textured metals, radiant gemstones, and hand-engraved elements, Armenta undoubtedly stands out in the world of luxury adornments. Dive into the vast inventory of Armenta's masterpieces, exclusively available at Wilson & Son Jewelers.

Popular Women's Jewelry by Armenta

Venturing into Armenta's exquisite selections, the Old World collection immediately stands out with necklaces that seamlessly blend lustrous gemstones and striking, textured metals. Rings in this collection echo tales of antiquity, while bracelets and earrings merge past and present bringing a vintage influence to modern styles. This line is defined by its iconic motifs and rich textures. In contrast, the Rose World collection brings forth fashion rings that stand as gentle masterpieces. Bathed in soft, rosy hues, they are the epitome of elegant subtlety, marking a distinct play of passion and serenity.

In Armenta's New World collection, a modern charm is evident. Their necklaces from this collection showcase a contemporary twist, marrying bold designs with subtle elegance. Rings feature cool tones and elaborate metalwork, bracelets are delicate and stackable, and earrings stand out, providing intricate details to timeless styles. The defining traits of this collection are its fresh, airy hues and innovative metalwork, which resonate with the spirit of a new era. Meanwhile, Armenta's Fashion line offers an array of fashion rings that exude a distinct panache. These pieces uniquely blend trendsetting designs with timeless beauty, making a bold statement that's emblematic of Armenta's commitment to evolving elegance.

Discover Armenta Women's Jewelry at Wilson & Son Jewelers

For those seeking exquisite women's fashion jewelry, Wilson & Son Jewelers is the ultimate destination. Housing renowned brands like Armenta, our Scarsdale jewelry store boasts a curated selection of pieces that meld contemporary design with timeless elegance. Beyond offering captivating jewelry, we also provide an array of professional jewelry services, such as jewelry cleaning, ensuring your cherished pieces always shimmer and shine. From cleaning to expert repairs, we've got your jewelry needs covered. For a truly bespoke shopping experience, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members. We're here to make your jewelry journey unforgettable.