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Jewelry Cleaning

All jewelry needs to be cleaned occasionally. Even if you take care not to get any dirt or gunk on your fine accessories, it still needs to be carefully tended to. This is because dust, body oil, humidity, and even air cause precious metals and gemstones to tarnish and dull. Make sure you get your jewelry cleaned often to ensure it remains stunning. While it’s important to clean your jewelry with water and soap from time to time, it is also vital that you periodically bring it to a professional for a thorough, deep cleaning such as Wilson & Son Jewelers can provide.

Why Go to a Professional for Jewelry Cleaning?

Professional jewelers have a variety of equipment they use to make jewelry sparkle. Some of them require training and skill to use, such as ultrasonic cleaners. They also use chemicals and solvents that aren’t advisable for inexperienced users. While you can do some DIY cleaning at home, you simply won’t be able to do the thorough job your accessories require. Jewelry has a lot of nooks and crannies, especially if it uses prongs to secure gemstones. These prongs allow the viewer to see the whole gem, with the drawback of allowing a small space in which dust and grime can accumulate.

Popular Benefits of Jewelry Cleaning

All parts of jewelry can dull and tarnish. Colorful gems have the potential to dull in hue over time. Meanwhile, precious metals like sterling silver can tarnish, wherein the gorgeous metal’s natural luster is obscured. This is because air is naturally corrosive, especially if you live in a coastal environment. Jewelry cleaning can reverse these effects and make even vintage jewelry brilliant and beautiful again. Note that some vintage pieces need more extensive effort to put them back in like-new condition. They may even need a complete restoration to make them as extravagant as they deserve.

Go to Wilson & Son for Jewelry Cleaning

Wilson & Son Jewelers is one of New York’s preeminent jewelry stores. Since 1905, we have been purveyors of fine jewelry and timepieces in the Empire State, and we can intend on continuing our legacy for generations to come. In addition to offering jewelry cleaning services, we also have a diverse selection of today’s most popular designer jewelry brands. No matter your jewelry needs, Wilson & Son will fulfill them. From engravings to personalized consultations, we can provide top-tier professional assistance. Contact us today at (914) 723-0327 to learn more about everything we can do for you.