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About Oris

Proudly showcasing Oris, an esteemed watch brand, Wilson & Son Jewelers recognizes the unparalleled legacy it brings. With roots tracing back over a century in watchmaking, Oris consistently delivers timepieces that masterfully blend artistry with functionality. Their unwavering devotion to mechanical watchmaking is emblematic in their signature red rotor—a testament to pure mechanical movement. Driven by a profound passion for aviation, diving, and motorsports, Oris's innovative designs have become treasured assets among watch enthusiasts. Our alliance with Oris resonates with our dedication to provide collectors with timepieces that are both historically profound and mechanically unmatched.

Popular Oris Watches

Our stellar inventory of Oris’s men's watch collection is a testament to precision and elegance. Crafted from robust materials like titanium and stainless steel, each watch exudes both durability and a timeless aesthetic. Beyond their impeccable construction, these timepieces boast complications that cater to the discerning gentleman. Whether it's the subtlety of a small second hand, the precision of a central 60-second hand, or the intricate chronograph features, there's something for every enthusiast. Added functionalities like date, day, GMT, moon phase, and power reserve indicators further enhance their appeal. The straps complement these watches, ensuring both comfort and style.

Our discerning clientele can also browse Oris's exquisite collection of women's watches here at Wilson & Son Jewelers that embody grace. These timepieces come alive in a symphony of colors: deep blue, tranquil green, soothing tan, and soft pink. Each watch tells a story, not just of time but of refinement and artistry. Whether paired with supple leather straps that sit comfortably on the wrist or with sophisticated metal bracelets that shimmer with every movement, there's a design for every aesthetic preference. Oris’s commitment to style is evident, offering women accessories that are both high-functioning and fashionable.

Discover Oris at Wilson & Son Jewelers

For those in pursuit of luxury watches, such as those by high-caliber watchmaker Oris, look no further than Wilson & Son Jewelers. Located in the heart of Scarsdale, our New York jewelry store offers a curated selection of timepieces that meld tradition with modernity. But our assistance goes beyond just sales; our expertise also shines in our watch repair services, ensuring that your treasured timepieces always tick perfectly. With a legacy of trust and craftsmanship, we invite you to immerse yourself in our world of horological wonders. Request an appointment today for a personalized consultation with our dedicated team members.