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Our Rolex showrooms

Discover our Rolex Showroom at Wilson & Son Jewelers

Located in the historic Harwood Building in the heart of downtown Scarsdale, Wilson & Son Jewelers opens its doors to you for all your fine jewelry and timepiece needs.
Our welcoming and spacious Rolex display has a luxurious atmosphere that will be an ideal setting to browse all of the men’s and women’s Rolex watches we offer.

Desirable watch selection

‭‭When shopping for a luxury watch, you want to feel content with the investment you’re making while also finding a timepiece that matches the aesthetic of the person who will be wearing it. Every person has a different opinion of what looks best to them, and, at Wilson & Son Jewelers, we understand that. Our selection of Rolex watches extends from classic models to new contemporary favorites and those loved by professionals. Explore the incredible range of Rolex timepiece collections we keep in stock for the benefit of our customers in Scarsdale and all of Westchester County.

Comfort & Quality at Wilson & Son Jewelers‬

Comfort and quality at Rolex

The Harwood Building was built in 1928 and stands today with few modern innovations integrated into its lovely design. Wilson & Son Jewelers opened our first Scarsdale location within this plaza in 1932, and we enjoy our current showroom within this historic building and the community that has accepted us with open arms. The continuous improvements we make within our showroom ensures that our customers shop in a luxurious and welcoming environment that will make the experience an enjoyable one each time. We display the latest and most popular collections of Rolex watches for the convenience of our beloved customers. Our standards continue to thrive for the best, and is one of the reasons why we remain an Official Rolex Jeweler.

Our Rolex Showroom at Wilson & Sons Jewelers