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As Morris might have said, “The store gives us customers, we embrace them as family,” and at Wilson & Son Jewelers our team of trained professionals will happily guide you through our incredible selection of Rolex watches and service your existing Rolex collection to maintain their brilliance and well-crafted functionality.

 Experienced Professionals at Wilson & Son Jewelers


All of our staff at Wilson & Son Jewelers are well-trained and dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest jewelry and watch innovations and trends. With multiple certified gemologists and Swiss-trained watchmakers in our showroom, we are sure that your luxury items are in trusted hands when you are in need of repairs or looking for custom work. Our Scarsdale jewelry store has been honored to qualify as a Rolex Authorized Service Center for the convenience of our customers to find efficient care for their luxury watches. Our team of professionals respect the precision and expertise that these machines require.

Luxury at Wilson & Son Jewelers


No matter if your Rolex watch is in need of a cleaning or repairs, the professionals at Wilson & Son Jewelers will bring the shine or use back to your loved Rolex collection. Our trained professionals know how much people care for and value these incredible timepieces that are wearable pieces of art. The utmost attention to detail will always be spent in handling any repair or cleaning request that is brought to our Scarsdale showroom. We return our customers’ Rolex watches quickly and to an exceptional quality as expected from a Rolex Authorized Service Center.

Rolex at Wilson & Son Jewelers


Our Rolex display within our Wilson & Son Jewelers is set up to be an enjoyable shopping experience from the moment you walk through our doors in Scarsdale, NY. Speak with our professionals to learn answers about different Rolex watches you may be considering buying or to seek help with a repair to your Rolex collection. We look forward to assisting with your shopping needs when you visit our Wilson & Son Jewelers showroom in New York. Contact our Scarsdale team for further information about our selection of Rolex watches and services offered.