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Introduction to Diamond Shapes

The most widely beloved gem on the planet, diamonds are renowned for being the hardest substance on earth and for their extreme brilliance that adds to their enchanting beauty. They have long been used in jewelry to bring sparkle and sophistication to an ensemble. Many couples choose diamond center stones for their engagement rings because they provide assurance that they will last in beauty, shape, and shine for years to come.

A diamond’s cut determines its shape and the way in which light is reflected off its surface. There are a plethora of incredible cuts, each with uniquely arranged facets and eye-catching silhouettes. We at Wilson & Son Jewelers are proud to house a wide selection of bridal and fashion jewelry featuring myriad diamond cuts to satisfy a wide range of tastes. We’ve put together a guide to some of the most popular diamond cuts to assist you in selecting the shape that best suits you and your aesthetic.

Round Cut Diamonds

The most popular for decades, the round cut is beloved in engagement rings and fashion jewelry due to its incredible sparkle and versatility. Cut with 58 individual facets that each reflects light in different directions, this cut is unparalleled in brilliance, which is why it is so wonderfully received. Each facet is symmetrical and uniform, so all the light entering the stone is returned. Professional diamond cutters have worked ardently to perfect this cut, ensuring immense sparkle every time.

Many consider the round cut timeless – the most classic diamond cut. They work phenomenally well with almost any setting, including the minimalist solitaire, which allows the cut to take center stage.

Princess Cut Diamonds

A more contemporary, geometric cut, the princess cut is characterized by a perfectly squared shape when viewed from above and an inverted pyramid from the side. This is the second most popular diamond cut after the round. Created in the 1960s, it has become a trendy alternative to the timeless and prevalent round cut. Many adore this shape for its ability to communicate femininity, regality, and architectural intrigue with its parallel lines and sharp corners.

These bold cuts are definite attention grabbers and work well for those seeking a ring that stands out from the crowd. Glamorous and sparkling, princess cut diamonds are well played upon with settings like halos and side stones to continue to build upon its show-stopping nature. The play of shadows and light within these gorgeous stones highlights the multitudes that beauty can take on.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Like the round cut, oval cut diamonds feature 58 individual sparkling facets. Its elongated shape, however, offers a uniquely feminine, dainty silhouette that elongates the finger of the wearer. Softly sloping edges are visually exciting and communicate a romantic feel. This cut has gained much popularity recently, especially when enshrined in a glittering halo of accent stones. It is also stunning when placed in a simplistic solitaire setting. Delicate engagement ring settings perfectly accentuate this cut's distinctive characteristics and beauty.

These cuts are also popular because they often provide more surface area to reflect light than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight. An oval cut diamond is ideal for someone searching for a stone that possesses a timeless feel but is still uncommon.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Reminiscent of the Art Deco era, where bold geometric shapes were central to the aesthetic, the emerald cut is a phenomenally distinctive shape. Elongated, parallel facets for a mesmerizing “hall of mirrors” effect was created to highlight the stone's clarity. This cut makes the stone’s center more immediately visible; any inclusions or imperfections are more easily perceived. Therefore, this cut is best used on diamonds that are high in clarity.

Similar to the oval cut, the elongated shape of the emerald cut allows the wearer’s finger to feel longer and more slender. Play up the geometric silhouette with a three stone setting featuring smaller emerald or princess cut diamonds.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Also known as the teardrop cut, the pear shaped cut features a silhouette that stands out from its counterparts in that it is not symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. It is characterized by one rounded end and one pointed end for a marvelously distinct silhouette. The sharp, geometric point contrasts the graceful curves, and their shape can vary from more elongated to shorter and wider to satisfy various preferences. 

Pair this individualistic cut with an equally unique ring setting for a truly eccentric ring that will not go unnoticed. Or, choose a more classic setting to balance the aesthetic.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut is a hybrid of several other cuts, also referred to in the gemstone industry as the rectangular modified brilliant cut. They are the squared version of the round brilliant cut. The incredible brilliance of the round meets the purity and sculptural style of the emerald cut. It features an impressive 70 facets, making it one of the most faceted cuts available, and it will be excellent for those that prefer immensely sparkling pieces.

This hybrid brings out the best qualities of a diamond and makes for a truly regal ring. Those who desire the sparkle and immense brilliance of the classic round cut but prefer the modernized shape of an emerald cut will find everything they’re looking for in a radiant cut.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Similar to the princess cut, the widely beloved cushion cut is characterized by a square silhouette yet features softly rounded corners, creating a shape resembling a pillow or a cushion, hence its name. They can also be slightly rectangular, similar to an emerald cut.

The rounded corners offer a softer, more romantic feel than the bold princess or emerald cut. The cushion cut is the third most popular diamond shape and possesses a phenomenal fire that is alluring and timeless.

Find Diamonds at Wilson & Son Jewelers

We at Wilson & Son Jewelers are immensely familiar with diamond quality and cuts. We are proud to offer our customers an impressive selection of diamond jewelry from some of the finest designers in the world. Stop by our Scarsdale jewelry store to browse engagement rings that are certain to melt your partner’s heart. For a personalized consultation with one of our team members, feel free to request an appointment or browse our inventory online at your convenience.