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Tough Watches for Rugged Lifestyles

March 20th, 2023

A man’s outstretched hand reaching towards a sunny horizon and wearing a black sports watch

Watches offer something other accessories can’t: functionality. Their reliable timekeeping can’t be equaled by cell phones. They can exhibit various complications and features that make them well-suited for outdoor environments. This includes chronographs, altimeters, comfortable straps, durable cases, glow-in-the-dark hands, and more. Each timepiece has its own unique characteristics. Find one that suits you best from Wilson & Son Jewelers.

The Importance of Being a Chronograph

Chronographs are an essential part of any adventurer’s wardrobe. They give the watch additional stopwatch capabilities. From the click of a button, they can measure how much time has passed. Most have two “pushers” that let the wearer pause and resume the timer. These complications are useful for many settings, such as cooking, exercising, or diving.

Comfort and Endurance

A rugged watch should balance comfort with durability. Doing so makes them more practical and pleasant to wear outdoors, a necessity in the desirable discomfort of the wild. Leather straps go a long way. Robust, stylish, and comfortable, they’re an excellent choice for any adventurer’s companion.

Evening Excursions

Some watches utilize the power of luminosity time telling. These coat the hands in a glow-in-dark material that allows the viewer to tell the hour and minute in the dark. This can be essential for evening outdoor adventures, be it fishing, hiking, or camping.

Altimeter Adventure

While rare, the altimeter is useful, especially when hiking, skiing, or driving long distances. It can help the wearer avoid altitude sickness, breathing issues, and other factors. Altitudes around 8,000 feet cause issues only a few hours after exposure. Altimeter complications are thus a fine companion for any outdoor enthusiasts.

An upturned hand in the water, wearing a black and gold sports watch

Find Sophisticated Timepieces at Wilson & Son Jewelers

Discover a new, luxurious watch at Wilson & Son Jewelers. Our Scarsdale jewelry store showcases a plethora of attractive accessories from beautiful dress timepieces to rugged and durable sport watches. Every one of our designer brands is carefully selected for their uncompromising adherence to quality. Reserve an appointment with us for an extensive showing of our enchanting showroom, or call (914) 723-0327 to speak with our team.