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Top Ruby Jewelry Picks for July Birthdays

June 5th, 2022

Vibrant red rubies are the birthstone of July, making ruby jewelry a popular purchase in the summer months. Rubies are truly statement-making gems and make great focal point pieces, as their stunning hue is unlikely to go unnoticed. A luxurious ruby jewelry accessory is thus the perfect piece, as it is personal and beautiful. Our Wilson & Son Jewelers team has put together a guide to some of our favorite jewelry styles to showcase these exquisite red gems.

A Brief History of Rubies

These iconic gems were discovered as early as 200 B.C. and were traded along the Silk Road in China. Immediately beloved for their rich, fiery hue, rubies were distributed and worn by Chinese noblemen, who believed these stones would grant them protection. Throughout history, rubies have been said to represent passion, protection, and prosperity.

Stackable Ruby Rings

As the trend of ring stacking continues to gain traction and popularity, it is only fitting to sport your July birthstone in the form of a stackable fashion ring. Choose a piece that features one large, attention-grabbing ruby to be the foundational piece in your stack, or thin banded rings with several smaller rubies that you layer together with plenty of other rings.

This ruby and diamond ring from our in-house collection would layer perfectly with a few other thin rings and maybe even a ring showcasing a bright emerald to provide a complementary hue. Its regal red radiance is an incredible addition to any ensemble.

Eye-Catching Ruby Pendants

Allow your rubies to serve as the focal point of your ensemble with a stunning ruby pendant necklace. Situated in the center of your frame, a ruby necklace is sure to garner attention and draw the eye to your face.

Whether you layer your pendant necklace with other chains of varying lengths and weights or allow it to stun on its own, a piece like this oval ruby pendant necklace will grant your ensemble regality and elegance.

Ruby Cuffs or Bangle Bracelets

Cuffs and bangle bracelets are adored for their versatility and ease of wear. Take this classic and simple style up a notch with the richness of deep red rubies.

This white gold bangle, for instance, features many expertly cut rubies surrounded individually by halos of small diamonds, serving to emphasize the beauty of these famed gems further. A piece like this will glitter wondrously with your every move, reflecting light from all angles.

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