Thanksgiving Day Jewelry

October 20th, 2022

This Thanksgiving, bring more than just a side of green bean casserole: bring a beautiful, brilliant luxury accessory. Fine jewelry is a welcome addition to any event, delighting every viewer with spectacular color, radiant light, and breathtaking artistry. At Wilson & Son Jewelers, we offer a wide variety of Thanksgiving-worthy jewelry perfect for impressing during annual gatherings.

Warm Gemstone Earrings

Consider incorporating the warm tones of fall into your Thanksgiving ensemble. Gemstones like topaz, citrine, rubies, and peridot evoke that natural fall color scheme that pairs beautifully cool weather looks. Yellow and rose gold are also great additions, as they further contribute vibrant warm tones. Earrings are essential for celebrations, as they frame the face in light and color and draw the eye to your most important features.

Large, Luxurious Bangles

For a daring and extravagant outfit, opt for a chunky bangle. While bangles are traditionally slender and understated, some pieces take the spectacle a step further with large bands and a plethora of precious metals. These bracelets’ size makes them an exceptional finishing touch for an otherwise incomplete outfit. For a busy day spent cooking in the kitchen, the ease of style can be a godsend.

Magic and Motifs

When you’re at Thanksgiving, you’re with family. They’ll appreciate motif jewelry that reflects and expresses your personality. Many jewelry brands create pieces with pendants depicting commonly known images like hearts, bees, birds, and more.

Nimble Studs

Studs are a great choice for earrings on busy days. These small yet beautiful accessories are diminutive and light, allowing for versatility and easy use. With colorless yet radiant diamonds, they’ll look magnificent no matter what ensemble you pair them with. When all of your time is spent devising a delicious dish, a pair of easy-to-pair studs is welcome.

Find Jewelry for Thanksgiving at Wilson & Son Jewelers

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