September Birthstone is Sapphire

September 3rd, 2015

Over the centuries, it has attracted to itself just about every positive human and heavenly virtue, leaving crumbs for the rest of the gemological lineup.

At one time or another, Sapphire has claimed for itself wisdom, power and faith. Truth and sincerity. The ability to protect from envy and harm. To increase intuition, clairvoyance and good health. The association with heaven and purity of soul. Inner peace, positive attitude and assurance of fidelity.

But Sapphire is not satisfied with this collection of accolades. Oh no, it also claims health benefits that would earn it an MD from any medical school: the power to bring down fevers, treat nosebleeds, rheumatism and ulcers, reduce inflammation, even balance the circulatory and endocrine systems.

Oh and btw, it also protects from evil thoughts and negative energies!

Wow. What gem can compete with that resume? Even my favorite, Ruby (see July’s birthstone blog) would have a hard time.

As jewelers, though, we have to admit Sapphire deserves most of the attention its gotten over the centuries. It just makes fabulously beautiful jewelry. The blues it can produce are mesmerizing. And its so hard—only diamonds are harder—it’s virtually unscratchable.

Now you may remember from July’s blog post that red corundum is the source material for Ruby. But any other color of corundum is called Sapphire, which can appear in yellow, pink, purple and green. In ancient India, the orange-pink shade, one of the rarest, was named ‘Padparadscha’, after the delicate pink hue of the Lotus flower.

So maybe Sapphire isn’t greedy after all. It just has so many possible color personalities, it only makes sense that it reflects many human personalities too.

Nonetheless, if you were born in September, congratulations. You’re a Sapphire. And if you weren’t, our condolences.