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New Jewelry Collections at Wilson & Son

October 8th, 2015


Look at ALOR. Who imagined you could craft some of the most stunning bangles out of stainless steel cable? Designer Jack Zemer’s artistry and innovative thinking is the essence of ALOR. If you haven’t seen his his jewelry and watches, we suggest you sit down with a nice glass of wine and just ogle. Or, come in to one of our stores. We’d be happy to give you a tour of the wonderful world of ALOR.


We could hardly speak when we first saw the Armenta collection. It does take your breath away. Here are the most unusually gorgeous designs, some evoking Spanish royalty, some evoking Spanish pirates! There are earrings and necklaces that will make you feel like a princess from Marakesh. And rings so intricate and bejeweled, you’d swear they were recovered from some long lost Romanov treasure trove. But as Emily Armenta herself admits, her designs come to her at night, in dreams and visions.


Tahitian nights filled with warm breezes and warmer people, the salt sea lapping over your feet. Vincent Peach must have been an Islander in a past life. His pieces capture the casual life of the islands through an elegance and simplicity of design that is truly captivating. Yet they evoke a confident and easy luxury through the masterful use of leather in combination with precious jewels and pearls. You can almost feel the sand under your feet.


Back in 1987, when minds could still be blown, Temple St. Clair Carr debuted her very first collection exclusively at Barney’s New York, and blew the minds of critics and collectors everywhere. Now justifiably famous for her ethereal crystal amulets and her unique Angle charms, her Temple St. Clair Collection has become the creative jewelry for creative sensibilities. If you believe the first prerequisite of personal jewelry is to differentiate the wearer from the crowd, this is your collection.


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