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Ways to Wear Your Bridal Rings

June 5th, 2024

a woman’s hands adorned with a silver engagement ring and wedding band.

Bridal stacks represent a beautiful blend of tradition and personal style, combining engagement rings, wedding bands, and sometimes anniversary rings into a harmonious display symbolizing your romance. These stacks are typically made up of stunning engagement rings adorned with precious stones, classic wedding bands, and complementary anniversary bands, each piece reflecting the wearer’s unique personality and preferences. Express your individuality through the arrangement and choice of rings, as there are countless ways to personalize your bridal stack. To spark your creativity, our expert staff here at Wilson & Son Jewelers have put together a comprehensive guide that showcases various design options, ensuring that your bridal stack truly embodies your distinct style and story.

a pair of hands embracing, one adorned with a rose gold engagement ring and wedding band.

Wedding Band First or Second

Most often, bridal stacks consist of a wedding band and an engagement ring, beautifully paired together to create a cohesive and meaningful set. You can choose to wear them with the wedding band first, closest to the heart, symbolizing the strength of the marital bond. Alternatively, wearing the engagement ring first followed by the wedding band can highlight the journey from engagement to marriage. Both rings are typically stacked on the ring finger, allowing for a classic and elegant look. The arrangement is entirely up to you, enabling you to express your personal style and the unique narrative of your love story.

Wedding Bands Alone 

Some people choose to wear their wedding bands alone, embracing simplicity and the profound significance of the band itself. This option might appeal to those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, finding beauty in the understated elegance of a single stunning ring. Others might opt for this choice due to the practicality and comfort of wearing only one band daily. Additionally, wearing just the wedding band can symbolize the enduring commitment of marriage, standing alone as a powerful testament to the bond between partners. Whether for style, comfort, or personal significance, wearing the wedding band alone is a timeless and meaningful choice.

a woman’s hand raised to her chin and adorned with a side stone engagement ring.

Engagement Rings Alone

Wearing an engagement ring alone is a choice that resonates with many for its elegance and sentimental value. Some may prefer this option to keep the focus on the symbol of their promise and commitment. The intricate design and standout gemstone of an engagement ring can also make it a striking statement piece on its own. Additionally, practicality and comfort play a role, as a single ring can be less cumbersome for everyday wear than multiple rings. This choice allows individuals to highlight the significance of their engagement, celebrating the love and connection that the ring represents in a distinctive and personal way.

Anniversary Bands

Many couples choose to add anniversary bands to their bridal stacks, infusing them with even more personality and deep sentimental value. These bands often represent significant milestones and the enduring nature of a loving relationship. By incorporating an anniversary band, couples can celebrate their journey and their shared memories, enhancing the story told by their rings. Available in a variety of designs— from simple and elegant to intricate and embellished— these bands provide an opportunity to refresh and personalize a bridal stack. This addition makes the stack more dynamic, symbolizing the evolving love and commitment between partners over the years.

a woman’s outstretched hand showing off a silver engagement ring and diamond wedding band.

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