Feeding Westchester comes to the aid of Federal Workers

January 25th, 2019

Right now, our friends and neighbors who work for the federal government are at risk of missing ANOTHER paycheck—and having to choose between paying their bills and buying food for their families. So Feeding Westchester is coming to their aid. They will be distributing food boxes filled with assorted nutritious food for TSA, FAA, and Customs employees and their families at Westchester County airport starting today, January 25. Please join us in this important mission by donating today – https://fundraise.feedingwestchester.org/give/220814/#!/donation/checkout

Wilson & Son Jewelers is proud to partner with Feeding Westchester in their mission to end hunger.

Feeding Westchester’s mission is to end hunger in Westchester County. As the heart of a network of more than 300 partners, including soup kitchens, food pantries, and residential facilities, Feeding Westchester’s mission is to source and distribute food, and other resources, to towns across Westchester helping to ensure that none of our neighbors are hungry. This great organization has been instrumental in helping our 200,000 neighbors, including 60,000 children who are hungry.

As part of their continued response to the #GovernmentShutdown, Feeding Westchester will distribute food boxes items for federal workers and their families at Westchester County Airport starting 1/25. Federal workers or anyone in need can use their interactive map to help locate services in the area or give them a call at 914-923-1100 for support! Learn how you can help: https://fundraise.feedingwestchester.org/give/220814/#!/donation/checkout

Please join Wilson & Son in supporting those impacted by the government shutdown

In certain circumstances, like a government shutdown, budgets are suddenly stretched thin and the need for emergency food increases. Missing just one payday can result in a family having to choose between paying bills or buying food. Feeding Westchester is at the ready to provide food for our neighbors.